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Format of Play and Scoring

Format of Play

For both events, each team will field two doubles pairs per match. The Committee of the CPL reserves the right to alter the format of play in the event that the number of entries does not fit the draw size.

Group Stage:
Knockout Stage

Teams will be divided into groups, and a round-robin group format is adopted, with all teams in the group playing each other.  Each match consists of two doubles which shall be one normal set each, with no-ad scoring.  The first team to reach 6 games with an advantage of 2 games shall win the set.  A 7-point tiebreak will be played if the score reaches 6-6. There will be one seeded team in each group.
Following on from results in the Group Stage, teams are ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd and will advance to the Platinum, Gold and Silver Knockout Stages respectively. Each draw (i.e. Platinum/Gold/Silver) will adopt a knockout format. Except for the Finals, all matches in this knockout Stage will follow the same format and scoring as the Group Stage. The Finals of each draw will involve both doubles pairs in each team playing against both doubles pairs from the opposition team.

  • At the Group Stage, one point will be awarded for each set won (in the case of a walkover, a score of 6-0 will be awarded to the winning team). In the event of a tie, the total number of games will be counted to determine the position. In the event of identical games won and lost, head-to-head results will be used to determine the positions. If two or more teams have won the same amount of sets, a percentage of games won compared to the total number of games played will determine the highest ranked team.
  • At the Group Stage, if both teams cannot compete against each other, then one point will be awarded to each team. The score line of both sets will be 6-0.
  • At the Knockout Stage, matches will be decided by the total number of sets won. In the event of a tie, the total number of games won and lost will decide the winner. If the number of games win and lost by two teams are the same, a doubles pair representing each team will play a 7-point tiebreak to decide the winner.
  • If a match is not completed by reason of injury, the winning team shall be awarded a score equivalent to winning the remaining games of the set. For example, if the score was 4-3 before an injury occurred to the losing team, the winning team will be deemed to have won the set 6-3.
  • Player nominations may not be changed once submitted to the Tournament Referee. The team will be disqualified as a consequence of any unreported replacement of player(s) in a match.  A score of 6-0 will be awarded to the winning team.
  • Under special circumstances, the Tournament Referee may allow replacement of player(s) provided that he is fully informed by the team captain before the match starts. The match can still be played, but the opposing team will be awarded a score line of 6-0.
  • In the event of there being no on-court officiating, the captain of the winning team must report the results of the matches immediately upon completion to the CPL Tournament desk.