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The HKTA Coach Licensing Scheme is the benchmark to address the needs of tennis coaching and to ensure, upgrade and enhance coaching standards locally. The licensing of coaches provides a formal recognition for the coaches, safeguards the interests of the tennis public and implements a continuous professional development programme for coaches in Hong Kong.

The HKTA Coach Licensing Scheme comprises five levels:
MTL – Mini Tennis Instructor License (Not accept new application)
CL1 – Coach License 1
CL2 – Coach License 2
CL3 – Coach License 3
CL4 – Coach License 4

Coaches with,
HKTA Elementary Coach Certificates can apply for CL1;
HKTA Intermediate Coach Certificate can apply for CL2;
HKTA Advanced Certification can apply for CL3;
International Tennis Federation (ITF) Level 3 Certificate can apply for CL4.


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