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Normal Rate
Concessionary Rate*
Tennis Court (With Floodlighting) Non-Peak Hours
$57/per hour
$28.5/per four
Tennis Court (With Floodlighting) Peak Hours
$57/per hour
$28.5/per four
Tennis Court (Without Floodlighting) Non-Peak Hours
$34/per hour
$17/per hour
Tennis Court (Without Floodlighting) Peak Hours
$42/per hour
$21/per hour
Practice Court (With Floodlighting)
$14/ per half an hour
$7/ per half an hour
Practice Court (Without Floodlighting)
$10/per half an hour
$5/per half an hour


Concessionary rates are granted for senior citizens aged 60 and over, full-time students, schools and NGOs under subvention within non-peak hours and before 1pm on Saturday, and for individuals with a disability at all times.

Hirers/users enjoying concessionary rates may be required to produce proof of identity e.g. student card, registration card for people with a disability, Senior Citizen card issued by SWD or identity card for checking.

Full-time students may present valid student identity card or student handbook. Personalised Octopus Card with “Student Status” is not accepted as identity proof for student status.

In order to enjoy concessionary rates in the use of facilities, the hirer and all his/her partner(s) should respectively be users eligible for concessions of the booked session(s). If any person(s) is found to be not entitled to enjoy the concessionary rate after such payments have been made, he/she will be required to make up the amount underpaid immediately before using the facilities.

Otherwise, all the players will be required to leave the facility. To enjoy the concessionary rates, people with disabilities who need the company of a minder when using a facility must be the hirers themselves. While persons with disabilities can ask a minder to make bookings on their behalf, they are required to complete the check-in procedure in person and produce identity documents such as identity cards and registration cards for people with disabilities before using the facility. The maximum ratio for disabled person and minder is fixed at 1:1.

The standard operating hours for floodlighting of tennis courts start at 6pm from 15 September this year till end of April of the following year and at 7pm from 1 May to 14 September this year.

PEAK HOURS: At or after 6 pm on Monday to Friday, at or after 1 pm on Saturday, and all day on Sundays and public holidays.

NON-PEAK HOURS: Before 6 pm on Monday to Friday and before 1 pm on Saturday.

COURT ARRANGEMENT: Hong Kong Tennis Association (HKTA) has the right to change the court number without prior notice, and the hirer should confirm the court number at the site booking office before using.

HKTA reserves the right to reject/cancel the booking without prior notice to the applicant/hirer and also to restrict the number of users and/or spectators entering the venue.


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