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The Mod-Orange programme aims to provide a logical pathway for players who have undertaken a Mini-Red program which we hope can create a deeper impact for participants and enhance its sustainability.

It was launched in summer 2019 for students that had participated in the Jockey Club Tennis Rocks Programme. This is a pilot scheme to provide an opportunity to students to continue tennis training after completing the one-year programme at school. It takes part in Hong Kong Sports Institute and Tuen Mun Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground.

Training will be cancelled once the typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, or after a Black Rainstorm Warning signal is announced. If typhoon signal No. 3 or below is hoisted, please contact the coach-in-charge to check the latest training arrangements.

If the coach decides to go ahead with the training on rainy days, parents/guardians are advised to remain at the courts. In case of the weather condition worsening, and the coach being forced to cancel the lesson, the parents/guardians should pick up their kids immediately. HKCTA shall not be responsible for the safety of any child after the coach has cancelled the lesson.


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