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Joint School Sports Training Programme is one of the School Sports Programmes (SSP) which is organised by various National Sports Associations (NSAs) and subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). Students who have attained the required skill level in individual sports will be selected for advanced training.



Latest News

Latest News

Joint Schools Training Programme 2024

Selection Day Deadline
8 March 2024
Details of Selection
17 March 2024
2pm - 6pm
Kowloon Tsai Park (Tennis Courts)

Training will be cancelled once the typhoon signal No. 3 or above is hoisted, or after a Amber, Red or Black Rainstorm Warning signal is announced. If typhoon signal No. 3 or below is hoisted, please contact the coach-in-charge to check the latest training arrangements.

If the coach decides to go ahead with the training on rainy days, parents/guardians are advised to remain at the courts. In case of the weather condition worsening, and the coach being forced to cancel the lesson, the parents/guardians should pick up their kids immediately. HKCTA shall not be responsible for the safety of any child after the coach has cancelled the lesson.

No refund if a lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions. If courts are available, make up classes will be arranged.



Acceptance List (Online Course)

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Fax:2338 7749

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