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Major duties of different officials in a tournament:
  • Referee: Prepare draw and schedule of the tournament. Present whenever matches are being played. He/she is the final authority of all ruling questions during the event.
  • Chief Umpire: Present whenever matches are being played. Supervise umpires’ duties. Appoints and replaces or reassigns, when necessary, Chair Umpires, Line Umpires, and Net Umpires in a tournament.
  • Chair Umpire: Calls the scores and calls the lines when no Line Umpire is assigned. He/She is the final authority on all questions of fact during match
  • Roving Umpire: Settle court disputes; overrule players when a clear mistake by player is made.
  • Line Umpire: Calls all balls on his/her assigned line
Official: Rate/ hr:
Referee $116/hr
Chief Umpire $102/hr
Chair Umpire $88/hr
Off Court Umpire (Roving Umpire) $84/hr

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  • Minimum employment duration is 3 hours
  • Administration Fee will be charged for officials hiring (minimum charge: HK$2,000)
  • Travel Allowance will be charged $40 per day for umpire (New Territories region)


Ms Jesper Chow
Tel:2504 8266
Fax:2894 8704
Mr Roy Liu
Tel:2504 8267
Fax:2894 8704