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HKTA Coach Registration Programme is Open for Registration


HKTA Coach Registration Programme is Open for Registration

In order to extend our services and support to more coaches in Hong Kong, apart from the Coach Licensing Scheme, the HKTA is launching a “Coach Registration Programme” and we welcome coaches who have valid tennis coaching certificates to register.

Benefits of registering:

– Receive direct and timely news from the HKTA
– Through HKTA, receive updated coaching information from the International Tennis Federation (ITF)
– Receive information on further education and continuous professional training opportunities
– The HKTA can represent you on matters of industry concern
– Provide a two-way communication channel between HKTA and the wider coaching community

If you are not currently under the HKTA “Coach Licensing Scheme” and interested to register, please provide the required information and documents. A confirmation will be sent to you through email in 1 to 2 weeks time after submission.

For Coach Registration, please click here.