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Special Tennis Rocks

To provide an opportunity for intellectually-disabled students/players and individuals with hearing disabilities to participate in tennis. The objective is that through tennis, they can adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle and improve their overall quality of life.

【賽馬會樂動網球計劃 – Special Tennis Rocks】

【賽馬會樂動網球計劃 – Special Tennis Rocks】「世上無難事,只怕有心人」,即使遇到困難,只要願意嘗試,亦可一步步跳出框框!Special Tennis Rocks參加者就憑住自己不斷嘗試,再加上教練嘅愛心同耐性,就算目標對他們不容易,都能夠做得到!一齊去片睇下參加者點樣發掘自己嘅潛能!#SpecialTennisRocks #賽馬會樂動網球計劃 #HKJC #HKTA #網球 #線內是運動 #線外是生命原動力

Hong Kong Tennis Association 發佈於 2019年4月16日星期二

  • Hong Chi Lions Morninghill School
  • HKSYC & IA Chan Nam Chong Memorial Schoo
  • Mary Rose School
  • Rhenish Church Grace School
  • Shatin Public School
  • The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf
  • Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association


Ms. Sau Kam TSE
Tel:2336 0187
Fax:2338 7749

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