Class of 2019
Janet Hardisty


After Janet moved to Hong Kong in 1973, she first became involved in several of HKTA’s committees and then as an elected Councillor from 1976-82. During that time, she was the Committee Chairman for Annual Ball & Fundraising and Publicity, as well as a Committee Member to Development, Tournament, and Community Section.

From 1982-87, she became HKTA’s Senior Administrator, one of the first full-time staffs employed by the Association. During this time, Janet attended several ITF Annual General Meetings as a delegate, including the year in Tours, France, when Hong Kong applied to become a member in its own right. She addressed the assembly when the motion was put forward, and subsequently accepted, as the territory became a member of the ITF as Hong Kong, China.

From 1991-2000, she was the Executive Officer for both HKTA and Hong Kong Tennis Foundation (HKTF), a role she held for nearly 9 years. During that span, she oversaw the relocation of HKTA’s offices from HKSI to Victoria Park and then finally to Olympic House with the staff base increasing fourfold. In addition, with the original host nation’s sudden withdrawal from the ITF Annual General Meeting in 1994, Janet was the project leader when HKTA stepped in at the eleventh hour to stage what was hailed by the delegates as the best AGM to date.

In 2005-13, Janet returned to become HKTA’s General Manager and Executive Director of HKTF, a dual role she went on to fulfill for another 9 years. She spent countless hours working with HKTA’s Executive Committee in negotiations with various government bodies when in 2008, the Association was finally granted the tender to take over the Kowloon Tsai Park complex to redevelop into what is now the HKTA Tennis Centre.

In 2009, she was the Tournament Director, who worked extensively with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in the planning and upgrading of the Victoria Park Tennis Stadium complex for the East Asian Games tennis event. During her tenure, she was also the Tournament Director for an assortment of events, including an untold number of ITF Junior tournaments and other major regionals, such as the Asian Championships.

In 2006-07, Janet received an award for outstanding contributions to the development of sports and recreation from the Secretary for Home Affairs Commendation Scheme. In all, she dedicated 23 years of service to the Association and served under four HKTA Presidents, as well as four HKTF Chairmen for good measure.