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  • 1909

    Hong Kong Lawn Tennis Association (HKLTA) founded.

    League Tennis started with Men’s Doubles A Division.

  • 1911

    Hong Kong National Grasscourt Championships held, first results on record.

  • 1916

    Men’s Doubles B Division league commenced.

  • 1918

    Men’s Doubles C Division league commenced.

  • 1929

    Mixed Doubles League commenced.

  • 1935

    Men’s Doubles D Division league commenced.

  • 1937

    Start of the National Hardcourt Championships.

  • 1938

    HKLTA had 25 member clubs and 72 courts available on HK Island and over 80 courts in Kowloon the majority of which were grass. There were no public courts at this time.

  • 1948

    Ladies League commenced.

    Ip Koon Hung, Yeung Wai Bun, Tsui Wai Pui and Tsui Yun Pui won the China National Games Men’s Singles, Ladies’ Singles and Doubles.

    Chinese Recreation Club Open Hardcourt Championships were inaugurated.

  • 1950 - 1951

    Ip Koon Hung competed in the men’s singles at Wimbledon, and reached the final of the plate competition in 1951.

  • 1952

    Ip Koon Hung and Edwin Tsai competed in the men’s singles at Wimbledon, and partnered each other to reach the 2nd Round of the men’s doubles.

  • 1953 - 1954

    Edwin Tsai competed in the men’s single at Wimbledon, reaching the 2nd Round in 1953 and 1954. Ip Koon Hung and Edwin Tsai reached the 2nd Round of men’s doubles at Wimbledon.

  • 1960

    South China Athletic Association organised the SCAA HK Tennis Invitational.

  • 1962

    Tsui Yuen Yuen won the silver medal in doubles at the 4th Asian Games.

  • 1967

    Kenneth Tsui and Winston Wai won the doubles at the 2nd Asian Junior Tennis Championships in Kuala Lumpur.

  • 1970

    Hong Kong entered the Davis Cup.

  • 1973

    First professional tennis MIPTC Tournament in Hong Kong (Viceroy Classic).

  • 1977

    Hong Kong hosted its first ITF Junior Event.

  • 1980

    Hong Kong hosted first WTA tournament (Tier IV Event).

  • 1981

    Hong Kong entered the Federation Cup for the first time.

    First HKTA Winter League held with Men’s Division A and B.

  • 1982

    Victoria Park Tennis Stadium was built.

  • 1983

    Patricia Hy (then playing for HK) was runner up in Junior Wimbledon Singles, and won the Junior Wimbledon Doubles title playing with Patty Fendick (USA).

  • 1984

    Hong Kong secured its first ever Davis Cup tie win, a victory over Taiwan.

    HKLTA dropped the lawn from the name and became HKTA.  Dr. Philip Kwok was the first HKTA President.

    HKTA moved to the Jubilee Sports Centre (later renamed the Hong Kong Sports Institute, HKSI) in Shatin.

  • 1985

    Girls’ under-16 team of Paulette Moreno, Lisa Kwok and Christine Kwok reached inaugural World Youth Cup World Finals (Predecessor of Junior Fed Cup) and came 6th.

    Kester Ng and Rolf Harrison reached the Junior Wimbledon boys’ doubles semifinals.

  • 1987

    Paulette Moreno (HKG) reached Junior Wimbledon Finals playing with Kim Il Soon (KOR).

    Hong Kong team that consisted of Patricia Hy, Paulette Moreno and Lisa Kwok reached the Fed Cup World Group consolation Finals.

  • 1988

    Hong Kong Tennis Foundation (HKTF) was formed and started to support many HKTA programmes.

    Professional non-MIPTC event, Marlborough Championships, started.

    Dr. Hu Fa-Kuang received the ITF Award for Services to the Game.

  • 1990

    Salem Open ATP Tour event commenced.

  • 1992

    Hong Kong was promoted to Davis Cup Asian Zone Group I.

    First year of the Michael Chang Tennis Stars of the Future programme.

  • 1994

    HKTA moved to the Hong Kong Sports House (now Olympic House).

    HKTA hosted the ITF AGM and Dr. Stanley Ho and Dr. Henry Fok received Awards for Services to the Game from the ITF.

    Boys' under-14 team of Jason Sankey, Wayne Wong, and Desmond Chen qualified for NTT World Junior Tennis (now WJT) Finals in Japan for the very first time and came 13th.

  • 1995

    Dr. Philip Kwok received the ITF Award for Services to the Game.

  • 2000

    Watson’s Water Challenge replaced Marlboro Classic.

  • 2001

    John Hui and Melvin Tong won a bronze medal in Men's Doubles at the 9th All China Games.

    Hong Kong finished 5th in the Men’s team event at the All China Games.

    Boys' under-16 team of Jack Hui, Brian Hung, and Christian Frick qualified for World Youth Cup (now Junior Davis Cup) Finals in Chile and came 10th.

    Boys' under-14 team of Martin Sayer, Gilbert Wong, and Ronald Chow qualified for World Junior Tennis Finals in Czech Republic and came 16th.

  • 2002

    Mr. Kenneth Tsui became the second HKTA President.

  • 2003

    Brian Hung won the gold medal of Boys' Singles event in the 5th National Intercity Games in Changsha, Hunan.

    HKTA inaugurated the HKTA Hall of Fame.

  • 2005

    The Chinese Tennis Champions HK Tour was played at Victoria Park with top ladies’ players from China including Olympic Gold Medalists Sun Tian Tian and Li Ting.

    Girls' under-16 team of Zhang Ling, Venise Chan, and Tsang Pui Yee qualified for Junior Fed Cup Finals in Spain and came 11th.

    President of the ITF, Mr. Francesco Ricci Bitti visited HKTA.

  • 2006

    HKSI moved to Wu Kai Sha to enable the facilities at HKSI to be utilised for the Equestrian Olympics.

    Girls' under-16 team of Jessica Yang, Geraldine Leung, and Sher Chun Wing qualified for Junior Fed Cup Finals in Spain and came 16th.

  • 2007

    HKTA successfully tendered for the Kowloon Tsai tennis courts.

  • 2008

    JB˙Group Classic replaced Watsons’ Water Challenge.

    HKTA moved some of their operations to the HKTA Tennis Centre at Kowloon Tsai.

  • 2009

    HKTA has a new office at renovated Victoria Park Centre Court.

    Zhang Ling played in the JB˙Group Classic as one of the Stars of Tomorrow.

    East Asian Games played in Hong Kong in December.

  • 2010

    HKTA took part in the 1st Inter-city Tennis Association Tournament together with Jiangmen Tennis Association and Macau Tennis Association.

  • 2011

    Brian Yeung won a Silver Medal in Men's Singles at the 7th Inter-city Games of China. 

    Boys' under-16 team of Brian Yeung, Kevin Wong, and Jon Cho qualified for Junior Davis Cup Finals in Mexico and came 10th.

  • 2014

    The inaugural Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open, WTA International Series event, commenced.

    Boys' under-16 team of Jack Wong, Jackie Tang, and Lam Ching qualified for Junior Davis Cup Finals in Mexico and came 11th.

  • 2015

    Prudential Hong Kong becomes Lead Partner of HKTA.

    Boys' under-16 team of Lam Ching, Alan Sou, and Tiger Cheung qualified for Junior Davis Cup Finals in Spain and came 16th.

  • 2016

    The Girls' team of Cody Wong, Jenny Wong and Lin Wing Ka won the WJT Asian/Oceania Qualifying event to reach the WJT World Finals in Czech Republic, where they came 6th.

    ITF President David Haggerty visited Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong became a 3-vote (from 1 vote) member nation in ITF.

  • 2017

    The doubles team of Kevin Wong and Brian Yeung won a bronze medal at the World University Games held in Taipei.

    Mr Herman HU received the ITF Award for Services to the Game.  

  • 2018

    Both the Junior Fed Cup team which consisted of Cody Wong, Jenny Wong and Sheena Masuda Karrasch; and Junior Davis Cup team which consisted of Tim Guantlett, Coleman Wong and Lam Chun, reached the World Finals and finished 12th and 15th respectively.

  • 2019

    Eudice Chong secured a bronze medal in women’s singles at the Word University Games held in Napoli, and also partnered Maggie Ng to secure a bronze in the women’s doubles.

     The Junior Davis Cup team that consisted of Coleman Wong, Tim Gauntlett and Wai Ching Wah reached the World Finals and finished 8th.

    Cody Wong partnered with Melodie Collard (Canada) to reach the US Open Girls’ doubles semi-finals.

    Dr David Ho received the ITF Award for Services to the Game.

  • 2021

    Coleman Wong partnered with Max Westphal (France) to win the US Open Boys’Doubles Championships, becoming the first player from Hong Kong to win a boys’ junior Grand Slam title.

  • 2022

    Coleman Wong captures AO 2022 boys' doubles to net second junior slam.






首次全港草地男子單打錦標賽於1911年假香港木球會舉行,由尼斯畢(H.A. Nisbet)奪標。第一位華人冠軍出現於1918年:吳仕光自當年首嘗冠軍滋味後,一舉創下六連冠的偉業。全港草地網球錦標賽一直以香港木球會作為比賽場地至1976年,其後改於紀利華木球會舉辦;首位全港女子單打冠軍是岩士唐夫人(Mrs. Armstrong),她在1920年於九龍三軍會贏得桂冠;而香港硬地錦標賽則於1937年在中華遊樂會首辦。

早年,大部份全港性錦標都由一小群極具實力的球手所包攬,當中包括S.A Rumjahn。他曾五奪全港單打冠軍,並與他的堂兄弟H.D. Rumjahn於1925至1935年連續11屆奪得全港男子雙打奪標,二人攜手合共贏得13次男雙冠軍;徐煒培在1936年獲得首個香港冠軍後,在34年間共收穫32個香港冠軍,當中不少是夥拍其兄徐潤培於雙打賽事中奪得;最成功的一位球手要數到葉觀雄,這位1948年中國全運會冠軍得主由1947年起,20年間在草地場及硬地場贏得26項單打、27項雙打,合共53個香港冠軍。1954年,葉觀雄與蔡國蘅代表香港出戰溫布頓網球錦標賽。



上世紀50年代,香港木球會定期舉行表演賽,邀請來自澳洲、美國、瑞典以及印度的頂尖台維斯盃球手參加;1957年,由「現代網球之父」卡拉馬(Jack Kramer),以及施古拿(Pancho Segura),賀特(Lew Hoad)和羅斯禾(Ken Rosewall)幾位知名球手組成的「卡拉馬馬戲團」亦曾來到遮打道獻技。隨著1968年全球網球開放時代(所有選手都可以競爭所有賽事,促進網球運動公開化及職業化)的到來,業餘與職業網球之間的壁壘被打破,網球運動更為大眾所認識,香港草地網球協會亦隨即啟動首個發展計劃。

郭韜先生(Ken Catton)在1970年成為香港草地網球協會的副會長和榮譽秘書長,及後於1971年當選會長,任期5年。他是1972年香港首項設獎金職業巡迴賽賽事的奠基人之一,一年後引進商業贊助吸引擁有世界排名的球手參賽。當時舉辦賽事的地點維多利亞公園設備尚略顯不足,至1982年按議案建成了一座擁有超過3,600個座位的場館,並予巡迴賽使用。

隨著大眾對網球的興趣日益濃厚,香港邀請了不少世界頂尖球手來港參賽,其中包括於1973年贏得香港站冠軍的傳奇球手拿華(Rod Laver),這也是郭韜推動亞洲網球巡迴賽的功績之一。在早期的職業賽事中,其他來到香港作賽的球星包括有羅斯禾,哥羅斯(Jimmy Connors),拿斯達斯(Ilie Nastase),麥安羅(John McEnroe)以及蘭迪(Ivan Lendl)等。



女子網球方面香港於80年代達成了一系列里程碑:1980年首次舉辦女子職業網球(WTA)巡迴賽賽事,1981年香港首次參加聯合會盃(FED CUP)。一眾香港青年女子球手取得佳績:希麗敏(當時她代表香港作賽)於1983年取得溫布頓錦標賽青年組單打亞軍以及雙打冠軍(夥拍芬域克Patty Fenwick);1985年女子16歲以下代表隊 (Paulette Moreno, Lisa Kwok and Christine Kwok)晉身世界青年盃世界組決賽(青少年聯合會盃前身),並取得第六名。此一系列成功最終轉化成戰力,令香港代表隊於1987年入圍聯合會盃世界組遺材賽決賽。


郭韜與M.W. Lo於1976年創辦了香港網球贊助人協會,整合職業賽事的日程安排,而賽事帶來的收益亦透過香港網球基金會資助青少年網球發展。基金會自1988年成立,為網球發展向企業籌集贊助及捐款。

隨著商業贊助的增加,賽事的獎金也日益豐厚,香港的世界級職業賽事持續蓬勃發展:包括1973至87年的男子格蘭披治大獎賽,以及1990至2002年間舉辦,屬於世界職業男子巡迴賽(ATP)分站賽事的沙龍公開賽,歷屆冠軍包括有森柏斯(Pete Sampras),亞加斯(Andre Agassi) 以及深受香港球迷愛戴的張德培(Michael Chang).

其餘頂級賽事還有1988至97年一年一度舉行的萬寶路16人表演賽,以及吸引到包括嘉芙(Steffi Graf)、 軒芝絲(Martina Hingis)、莎蓮娜威廉絲(Serena Williams)、維納斯威廉絲(Venus Williams)、舒拉寶娃(Maria Sharapova)及姬莉絲達絲(Kim Clijsters) 等一眾女子職業網球高手參加,於1999年至2011年舉行的香港網球經典賽。眾多頂級賽事的舉行令本地球迷有機會一睹世界頂尖球手的風采。








香港在國際青少年男子女子隊際賽事中亦取得不俗成績,在過去二十年間多次出戰青少年台維斯盃、青少年聯合會盃以及世界青少年網球決賽。2019年,男子16歲以下代表隊於青少年台維斯盃獲得第八名,是屆年來最好成績。近幾年,本地青少年球手亦在大滿貫的青少年組別賽事留下足跡,當中以王康怡成績最為彪炳:她在2020年的澳洲網球公開賽青年組別打進最後八強,2019年夥拍加拿大球手歌娜特(Melodie Collard)在美國網球公開賽青少年組殺入女子雙打四強,同年康怡亦在溫布頓網球錦標賽青年組晉級十六強;黃澤林在2018年美國贏得著名的香橙盃(Orange Bowl)14歲以下組別冠軍後,亦於2020年的澳洲網球公開賽青年組單打及雙打均晉級次圈。