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Senior Tennis Rocks

Senior Tennis Rocks offers Retirees, aged 55 to 68, beginner sessions to teach them the basics and help them become acquainted with the game. The aim is that through tennis, they can broaden their social circles, keep themselves fit and active, ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.

【賽馬會樂動網球計劃 – Senior Tennis Rocks】

【賽馬會樂動網球計劃 – Senior Tennis Rocks】退休生活都可以好充實!Senior Tennis Rocks嘅參加者就用行動話你知,學習新事物唔係年輕人專利!一齊去片睇下一班退休長者點樣喺🎾網球運動中搵到同伴、滿足感同健康生活態度!#SeniorTennisRocks #賽馬會樂動網球計劃 #HKJC #HKTA #網球 #線內是運動 #線外是生命原動力

Hong Kong Tennis Association 發佈於 2019年5月15日星期三

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Ms. Tristen Wong
Tel:2336 0287
Fax:2338 7749

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