Stage I (July - August)



Course Fee: HK$1400 (12 sessions, total 24 training hours)

Participants will receive a Free Dunlop tennis racket, certificate and a souvenir.

Racket size will be arranged by the HKTA and will be provided by the coach in the first training day.

Application Deadline: 28 June 2019


Download Timetable and Application form

Submission Method, on first come, first serve basis:

§     By fax, to 2338 7749 or

§     By email, to or

§     By post, to HKTA Tennis Centre, Kowloon Tsai Park, 13 Inverness Road, Kowloon City, Kowloon 

Please note that the following courses are already full:

- SOF-AD-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-AD-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-CS-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-CW-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-CW-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-HMTS-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-LR-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-LR-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-MF-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-MF-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-MK-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-MOS-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-PLS-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-QB-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-QB-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-SF-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-SKL-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-SLY-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-SLY-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-SWH-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-SWH-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-SWH-S1-03-19-0708

- SOF-TKO-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-TKO-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-TM-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-TP-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-TW-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-TW-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-TWR-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-TY-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-YCK-S1-01-19-0708

- SOF-YCK-S1-02-19-0708

- SOF-YL-S1-02-19-0708


The final acceptance list will be uploaded on the HKTA website 5 days after the application deadline (5 July 2019). No further confirmation will be made.




     Acceptance List   


 Daikin Environmental Protection Tour

  Winners of the draw will be notified individually by phone along with details of tour details.


       Arrangement for Inclement Weather

·         Training will be cancelled once the typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, or after a Black Rainstorm Warning signal is announced. If typhoon signal No. 3 or below is hoisted, please contact the coach-in-charge to check the latest training arrangements. No refund will be provided if a lesson is canceled due to bad weather conditions. If there are courts available, make up classes will be arranged.

·         If the coach decides to go ahead with the training on rainy days, parents/guardians are advised to remain at the courts. In case of the weather condition worsening, and the coach being forced to cancel the lesson, the HKTA shall not be responsible for the safety of any child after the coach has cancelled the lesson.




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