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The HKTA Kindergartens Mini Tennis Tour seeks to provide free demos to any schools that have interests in developing and delivering a mini-tennis programme to youngsters between the ages of 3-6. Objective: To promote mini-tennis in kindergartens with the aim at providing young children aged 6 or under to develop simple hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills needed to play good tennis. Schools interested in finding more about mini-tennis can download a copy of the application form and set up a convenient time for us to pay you a visit.

As an extracurricular activity, tennis can bring a multitude of benefits for school children, both socially and athletically. It can act as a medium to promote the values of teamwork and collaboration, as well as an avenue to pursue an active, healthy pastime. Most of all, it teaches youngsters the basics of goal setting and achievement through learning and competition.

Please click the links below to apply the demo tour. For further enquiries, please contact us for more information.




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Kindergarten Mini-Tennis Tour


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Application Form




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