Primary School Mini-Tennis Promotion Scheme



The HKTA / Prince Primary School Mini Tennis Prmotion Scheme has been organized each year since 1991. With the generous support of the Hong Kong tennis Foundation and Prince, over 10,000 primary school students have benifited from this program over the year. And it is also an important avenue for talent identification for the HKTA`s Junior Development Programme.



This programme is aims to promote the mini tennis can makes it easier for children to learn and practice tennis skills and build up their confidence , through using shorter rackets, a lower net and red ball. Also, mini tennis is not only an enjoyable lifetime sports acticity for the youngsters. Many of our talent players were start playing tennis from this programme.





           Mini Tennis Promotion Scheme









HKTA/ Prince Primary Schools Tennis Promotion Scheme



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Stage 1


School visit and Demonstration


Form A



Stage 2


Mini Tennis Instructor Training course



On (14 Dec 2014)



Stage 3




Mini Tennis District Inter- Primary Schools Competitions


NTW Result

(Updated on 23 Feb 2015) 

NTE Result

(Updated on 8 Apl 2015)

 KLN Result

(Updated on 8 Apl 2015) 

 HK Result

(Updated on 16 Apl 2015) 


Event date and time

 (Updated on 19 jan 2015) 



 District score list

(Updated on 16 April 2015)



Stage 4



Mini Tennis Annual Championship (I)

 District Awards

(Updated on 16 April 2015) 


Annual Championship

Draw & OOP

 (Updated on 17 April 2015)


Inter Primary School Competition (II)







Stage 5


Tennis Bridging Course





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