Mini Tennis is a very important part of the HKTA Junior Development Programme as it serves to provide an ideal vehicle for the development of foundation tennis skills in young children. Through Mini Tennis, the sport itself is introduced to Hong Kong juniors from age five onwards. Other talented juniors around the ages of 8 or 9 with good potential may also join other programmes such as the Hong Kong Stars of the Future, Tennis-For-All Training Scheme and Easy Sports Programme. Depending on their results and progress, juniors will have the opportunity to gain promotion to various  HKTA Junior Squads.


The overall Mini Tennis Programme, which includes Primary School Mini Tennis, Regional Mini Tennis, and Mini Tennis Talent Training, has proven to be an invaluable and enjoyable starting point for children looking to pick up tennis as an extra-curricular activity.

  • Mini Tennis is easy and fun
  • Mini Tennis suits young and old
  • Mini Tennis can be arranged almost everywhere
  • Mini Tennis equipment is inexpensive

The more success a beginner has attempting to hit the ball back over the net, the more fun it will be. A reasonable technique will improve the beginner's success rate and thus make the children's time on the court all the more an enjoyable experience. Using the Mini Tennis concept, most beginners can actually start to have successful rallies and actually begin to relish the amazing experience of playing tennis!

With the introduction of the tennis 10s by the International Tennis Federation(ITF), starting from 2013, all trainings in this programme will be using Red Tennis Ball. (The original Mini Tennis Ball (Foam Ball) will only be used as supplementary purpose)





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