Introducing the new player development programme

The Elite Development Programme is aimed at providing a platform with clearly defined structures and competitive pathways in order to facilitate a player's progression towards the National Programme and beyond.

Programme Aims

  1. Develop players to feed into the National training programme;
  2. Create a player development pathway from a young age up to National standard and beyond;
  3. Produce a comprehensive training programme for athletes of different levels by focusing on the 4 main components of competitive tennis (technical, tactical, physical and mental);
  4. Increase competition levels;
  5. Help players optimise their tennis potential as individuals; and
  6. Create a Long Term Athlete Development plan (LTAD) for key training groups and individual athletes

About Selection

Key Attributes:

  • Physical – coordination, fitness level, mobility
  • Technical – stroke ability, level of play
  • Attitude – competitiveness, commitment level

Selection Panel:

  • Technical Executives
  • Professional Coaches

Sign-up for an assessment today!

The new Elite Development programme begins in September. Players wishing to join must first sign-up for an assessment. Once the assessment is completed satisfactorily, training groups will then be assigned to the players accordingly.

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