In 1976, the SCAA Open Tennis Championships was one of the first open tournaments in Hong Kong to offer prize money to competitors. Since 2007, the SCAA Open has featured as the first of three major championships on the local tennis calendar, preceding both the CRC Open in November and the Hong Kong National Tennis Championships in December.

Over the years, the SCAA Open has attracted the participation of overseas, as well as the territory's leading players of the day. Notable Men's Open Singles champions from the past include Tau Luu,Randall King, Kelvin Ng, Mark Bailey, Colin Grant, Michael Walker,Des Tyson, John Hui,Shane Barr, Melvin Tong, Michael Brown, and Wayne Wong, to name a few.

Noteworthy Ladies' Open Singles champions include, but are not limited to,Patricia Hy, Mrs. Ling Tsui Yuen Yuen,Paulette Moreno, Elinore Lightbody, Willy Chan, Jacklyn Fu, Kristin Godridge, Tang Min, Tong Ka Po, Lam Po Kuen, andVenise Chan, etc.


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