The National Training Squad (NTS) operates as part of the newly established National Training Centre (NTC). The NTS is a training programme for talented players, aged 18 and under, who demonstrate the potential to represent Hong Kong in junior events in the future. The NTC caters for adult players who are pursuing a professional tennis career, as well as junior players who have access to flexible schooling. The NTS follows a coaching philosophy and training structure that is conducive to a player’s overall growth, and combines intensive training, competition, and specialist sessions. Our goal is to produce players who are “Best in Asia!” Players can expect mentoring support from the coaches, to assist in their tennis development through the player’s long-term development plan (LTDP). Players will learn how to build a training and competition schedule, set performance and outcome goals, experience mental training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition and diet education.



To enroll in the NTS, players MUST pass an assessment conducted by the HKTA coaches; assessing technical, tactical and physical components of the player’s game.

Aged 12 or Above

By invitation only.  Players aged 12 or above, is based on results from the Hong Kong National Junior Tennis Championships and the appropriate Hong Kong Junior National Rankings as well as the recommendation of two separate qualified coaches.  An assessment will be arranged if necessary.

Aged Under 12

Formal Assessment Day will be conducted for players aged under 12. Results from the Hong Kong National Junior Tennis Championships and the appropriate Hong Kong Junior National Rankings will also be taken into consideration.

2020/2021 Assessment for players aged under 12 is scheduled on 31st May, 7th June and 14th June 2020 (Sundays). The fallback day is on 21st June 2020 (Sunday).

All players must and comply with all the following criteria.

  • Players are born in 2009 or after
  • Players who have a place in the Hong Kong National Junior rankings
  • Players who are in top 20 of the 2019 Junior Novice Competition 10 & under Rankings
  • Comply with HKTA codes of conduct
  • Commit to the minimum number of training days, and tournaments
  • Players who do not attend the Assessment Day will not be considered for selection
  • Players who are selected, must accept a place in the NTS programme. (Do not attend if you do not intend to accept a place)
  • Players will be assessed by HKTA coaches across technical, tactical and physical components of the game
  • Players may receive a wildcard invitation if special circumstances exist, regarding satisfying the aforementioned criteria

Eligible players will receive an official invitation from Hong Kong Tennis Association by email during the week of 4th May 2020.

If you have questions regarding the player list, you are required to send in your written appeal (Email: info@tennishk.org) within 2 weeks from the date the list is released.




News & Activities

Incentive Scheme

HKTA announced an incentive scheme in 2012 to support and encourage players competing in tournaments overseas. Players who meet the requirements and achieve certain results will be eligible to reimburse part of their tournament expenses as an incentive.



National Training Centre
Stephan Ehritt
Head Coach / Programme Manager
Joan Planelles
Head of Strength and Conditioning Coach
Andreea Vanc
Perfomance Coach
Bill Eastburn
Perfomance Coach
Keith Lo
Perfomance Coach
Mark Eade
Perfomance Coach
Ray Lam
Development Coach
Michael Tam
Development Coach
Causeway Bay Sports Ground
Hector Botella
(Acting) Head Coach
Joan Planelles
Head of Strength and Conditioning Coach
Egor Semikin
Perfomance Coach
George Zhou
Perfomance Coach
Jacky Cheung
Development Coach

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