Licensing Scheme

The HKTA Coach Licensing Scheme is thebenchmark launched by the Hong Kong Tennis Association to address the needs of tennis coaching and to ensure, upgrade and enhance coachingstandards in the territory.

In addition, the Scheme serves to safeguard the interests of the tennis public, to classify the ability levels of qualified coaches, and to provide a formal recognition for the coaches themselves.

For a more detailed description of the HKTA Coach Licensing Scheme, such as the different levels of licenses, criteria for licensing, and applicationprocedures, etc, please see the Offical HKTA Coach Licensing Scheme Handbook (New) and the Frequently Asked Questions FAQs for Coaches.

In addition, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to facilitate the general public's understanding of Coach Licensing is also avaliable in the section below.

FAQs for the General Public

Code of Conduct & Ethics

Prevent Sexual Harassment Leaflet

New Application Form

Renew Application Form

Credit Point

 Coach List


Mini Tennis Instructor

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

HKTA Full Time Coaches

Important Note:
The HKTA National Level Umpire Course is NOT a recognized event under the Coach Licensing Scheme. Coaches may enroll to workshop(s) organized by HKTA that provide umpire training/information. Please refer to the CDC Calendar for details.

Useful Forms for Coaches:

Credit Point Requirement

Private Coaching Record Form

For additional enquiries, please contact Eric Chung on 2794 1794 or e-mail