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Originally to discuss the beginning of a tennis league back in 1909, a small group of tennis enthusiasts and representatives from several recreation clubs met at the Hong Kong Cricket Club in Chater Road, Central and formed the territory's first organised body for tennis – the Hong Kong Lawn Tennis Association.

Although its name was changed to Hong Kong Tennis Association in 1984, and that the HKTA has evolved through almost a century of expansion and development, it has never deviated from its objective to promote tennis to all, to nurture talented players, and to raise the standard of the game here in Hong Kong.

The HKTA is a non-profit organization and recognized by both the Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The Association is guided by a Council whose members are elected for a two-year term. There are a number of specialised Committees that oversee particular aspects of the work of the Association such as the Executive Committee, Elite Committee, Development Committee, and the Tournament Committee, etc.

Each Committee is chaired by a Councillor and supported by other council members or those knowledgeable tennis enthusiasts from the general public that are invited to participate by the respective Committees.

There are currently 41 member clubs affiliated with the HKTA and over 3000 individual members. The HKTA organizes a number of local and international tennis events as well as junior and elite development programs, a corporate training scheme, coaching certification courses, a Tennis-For-All open enrollment program, and a mini-tennis initiative for young children, to name but a few.

Coordination and administration of the HKTA's efforts is carried out by the full-time staff at the Association's offices located at Olympic House (So Kon Po, Causeway Bay) and the HKTA Tennis Centre (Kowloon Tsai).


Mission Statement