Tournament Committee

Membership List

Chairman  Mr. Clement Lee
Vice Chairman Mr. Vincent Liang, J.P.
Members Mr. Andy Brothers
  Ms. Willy Chan
  Mr. Ronnie Cheng
  Dr. David Ho
  Mr. Lam Siu Wai
  Ms. Geraldine Leong
  Dr. Derek Ling
  Ms. Yoke Ming Ong
  Mr. Ian Pang
  Dr. Joseph Wong
  Mr. Philip Mok (Ex-Officio)
  Mr. Michael Cheng (Ex-Officio)


Terms of Reference

  • To organise junior & senior tournaments in Hong Kong.
  • To prepare budgets relating to local and international tournaments organised by HKTA.
  • To set up selection criteria to select players for men and women team competitions, and to select team players, captain and manager for each men and women team competition.
  • To maintain an HKTA Ranking System for Junior and Senior players.
  • To allocate wildcards to players in international tournaments

  • To coordinate work with the Ball Persons' Section.
  • To coordinate work with the Ushers and Court Services supervisors.
  • To sanction tournaments in Hong Kong organised by other organisations and to set down basic requirements for giving such sanctions and to charge for such sanctions.
  • To provide advice to organisers of other non-HKTA tournaments.
  • To collaborate with the ITF on matters concerning International events.
  • To collaborate with the ATF on matters concerning Asian events.
  • To collaborate with other local National Sports Associations when required.
  • To oversee the Officiating Committee.