Player Development Committee

Membership List


Dr. Derek Ling


Mr. Andy Brothers

Mr. Jimmy Chang

Mr. Mathew Cheng

Mr. Ronnie Cheng

Dr. Simon Cheung

Mr. Rudy Chung

Mr. Bronson Fung

Ms. Kim Hye Jung

Mr. Lam Siu Wai

Mr. Clement Lee

Ms. Eunice Lu

Dr. Joseph Wong

Mr. Per Nordstrom

Mr. Philip Mok (Ex-Officio)

Mr. Michael Cheng (Ex-Officio)


Terms of Reference

  • To formulate a yearly plan of programme activities for the development of tennis in Hong Kong and to come up with a budget relating to the programme activities.
  • To conduct activities for the recruitment of grassroots players. 
  • To set up selection criteria to select players for boys and girls junior team competitions, and to select team players, captain and manager (if any) for boys and girls junior team competitions.
  • To promote tennis 10s and tennis in primary schools and various districts and to organise mini-tennis and tennis competitions.
  • To be responsible for the Elite Development Programme (ED) and HKTA Junior Squad Training Programmes and to exercise quality control over these programmes.
  • To identify talents in Junior Squad and Elite Development and to bridge the transition to the National and Elite Squads.
  • To be responsible for the formation, development and regulation of the Hong Kong National Squad (NS).
  • To design specialised training programmes for the NS.
  • To organise and coordinate local and overseas activities for NS members.
  • To coordinate sponsorship and subvention schemes of NS members.
  • To arrange overseas tournaments for eligible ED, National and Elite players.
  • To maintain a standard of play that will ensure tennis a place as an Elite sport.
  • To oversee the Grants and Scholarships.