League Management Committee

Membership List


Mr. Lam Siu Wai


Mr. Benjamin Chang 


Mr. Ernest Chiu

Ms. Margurite Hess

Mr. Frederick Keung

Mr. Clement Lee

Dr. Derek Ling

Mr. Look Kwong Chou

Mrs. Irene Marshall

Mrs. Debbie See

Mr. Paul Siu

Mr. Gary Sze

Dr. Desmund Yip

Mr. James Xu

Mr. Philip Mok (Ex-Officio)

Mr. Michael Cheng (Ex-Officio)


Terms of Reference

  • To be responsible for the promotion, management, and marketing of all League tennis, which is organised or sanctioned by the Hong Kong Tennis Association.
  • To be responsible for the registration of teams, the grading of individual players, and the publication of a League Handbook containing the Rules for League Competitions and the arrangement of League Divisions.
  • To arbitrate on disputes between clubs and players concerning League matters.
  • To consult convenors of affiliated clubs on at least one occasion each year at a convenors meeting to consider modifications pertaining to the organisation of Leagues or to the Rules for League Competitions.
  • To co-operate and co-ordinate with the Hong Kong Veterans' Tennis Association in organising and running the Veterans' League and to charge a reasonable remuneration for such service.
  • To co-operate and co-ordinate with the Federation of Community Tennis Clubs in organising and running the Two Court League.