Finance Committee

Membership List

Chairman  Mr. Oscar Chow

Mr. Ronnie Cheng

Mr. Ronny Chow

Mr. Lam Siu Wai

Mr. Clement Lee

Mr. Pat Nie Woo

Ms. Amelia Yau

Mr. Philip Mok (Ex-Officio)

Mr. Michael Cheng (Ex-Officio)



To advise and assist the Council to fulfill its oversee responsibilities in relation to internal control, financial management, compliance with funding bodies accounting and financial requirements and other reporting.

To provide direction and guidance for management, in relation to financial management, policies and strategies. 

Terms of Reference

  •  To review financial planning, annual budget and any projects undertaken by the HKTA
  •   To review and propose financial investment guidelines and ensure that investment directives approved by the Council are complied with.
  •  To explore investment opportunities and make recommendations to the Council
  •  To advise on financial control procedures, accounting systems, processes and reports.
  •  To reviews & make recommendations for the draft financial statement with the General Manager and the Accountant before it is passed to the Auditors, as well as to advise Council on the adoption of the Auditors financial statement.
  •  Carries out other duties and responsibilities as delegated by the Council.