Executive Committee

Membership List

Chairman  Dr. David Ho
Mr. Jimmy Chang
Mr. Michael Cheng
Mr. Ronnie Cheng
Mr. Oscar Chow
Mr. Ronny Chow
Mr. Lam Siu Wai
Mr. Clement Lee
Mr. Vincent Liang, J.P.
Dr. Derek Ling
Mr. Philip Mok
Mr. Samson Siu
Mr. Gordon Ng


Mr. Chris Lai


Terms of Reference

  • To exercise all the powers of the Council where decisions have to made and actions taken between regularly scheduled Council meetings or where specific responsibilites have been delegated to the Committee by the Council.
  • To provide direction and guidance for management in respect of financial management, strategies and policies.
  • To review the annual budget and the financial statements before presentation to the Council for approval.
  • To deal with any major HR issues.
  • To oversee other Committees of HKTA generally, and in particular the Membership & Corporate Affairs Committee and the Finance Committee.
  • To deal with any matters not specifically assigned to other committees.