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Monday, April 14, 2014
Love-Opportunity: Four Time Local Champion Wu sets eyes on Main Draw of Hong Kong Tennis Open 2014
By Hazel Yuen @ 6:05 PM :: 46 Views :: 0 Comments ::

Tiffany Wu Ho-ching, the 22-year-old Hong Kong Polytechnic University student, who won her fourth Hong Kong National Tennis Championships Ladies’ singles title on Sunday morning, now has her eyes set on making the main draw of the Hong Kong Tennis Open 2014, the first WTA sanctioned event in the territory for more than two decades.


Being in such good form recently and dominating the event, in the final Wu defeated Maggie Ng 6-4, 6-3 in just over an hour. Ng, who knocked out another local hopeful, Eudice Chong, failed to produce a challenge to Wu after losing the first set.


Wu, currently #866 on the WTA ranking, has been playing tennis since she was eight. The Hong Kong Tennis Open 2014 will be her second WTA event, the last one being the WTA event in Taipei in 2012. Having won the wildcard for the qualifying round of HKTO 2014 by winning the local championships, Wu is excited and hoping that she can do better this time. Her primary goal is to make it through to the main draw from the qualifiers.


Her second goal this year is to make it into the top 500 on the WTA rankings. With four local titles under her belt, she would love to move on to the professional circuit, an endeavour supported by family and her university.


The Hong Kong Tennis Open, a lifestyle meets sport event, will be a major attraction that will fuse glamour, style and athleticism as some of the best WTA players vie for the Hong Kong Tennis Open crown and USD250,000 in prize money at Victoria Park 8-14 September.

Press Release

Monday, April 14, 2014
King and Wu defended Hong Kong National Tennis Championships Singles titles, and Wu received Hong Kong Tennis Open Qualifying Wildcard
By Hazel Yuen @ 5:58 PM :: 173 Views :: 0 Comments ::

The Hong Kong National Tennis Championships 2014, scheduled to take place from March 10 to April 13, offered a total amount of HKD307,750 in prize money this year, the highest  ever amount since it was first held in 1996.


The men’s open singles, ladies’ open singles, men’s open doubles and ladies’ open doubles were all concluded successfully at the Victoria Park yesterday. In the Centre Court, top seed Phillip King retained his men’s open singles title by defeating Benoit Foucher in straight sets 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 and Tiffany Wu Ho-ching defended her ladies’ open singles title also with a straight-set win 6-4, 6-3 over Maggie Ng.


Wu has also earned herself a qualifying wildcard to this year’s Hong Kong Tennis Open in September. This first ever wildcard offer was announced earlier by the Hong Kong Tennis Open, in conjunction with the Hong Kong Tennis Association, to provide local tennis players  an opportunity to compete against the world’s best professional players.


On the other hand in the doubles, Jacqueline Lam and Eudice Chong defeated Carina Ma and Ki Yan Tung 6-4, 6-2 in the ladies’ open doubles final while Karan Rastogi and Phillip King defeated Patrick McKee and Toby Clark in the men’s open doubles final 6-3, 6-2.


The remaining mixed doubles, men’s and ladies’ President Cup singles and doubles matches are scheduled to be completed by April 16.

Monday, March 03, 2014
LOVE-STARS: World Number One PENG SHUAI Confirms Hong Kong Tennis Open PARTICIPATION
By Hazel Yuen @ 10:02 AM :: 238 Views :: 0 Comments ::

[Photo provided by Getty Images]Peng Shuai, currently number one on the Women’s Tennis Association’s (WTA) doubles rankings, has become the first marquee player to confirm her participation in the inaugural Hong Kong Tennis Open. Fans will be able to watch the world’s best female doubles player in action at the first professional WTA tournament to be held in Hong Kong for more than two decades this September in Victoria Park.


[Photo provided by Getty Images]


Press Release


Monday, February 10, 2014
香港女網聯邦盃(Fed Cup)晉升為亞洲 / 大洋洲第一組
By Hazel Yuen @ 3:32 PM :: 195 Views :: 0 Comments ::

(香港,2014210) 香港女網於二月四至八日在哈薩克阿斯塔納舉行的聯邦盃(Fed Cup)取得成功一役。在過去一星期,香港在亞洲/大洋洲第二組的四場賽事中,以不敗姿態成功在2015年晉升亞洲/大洋洲第一組,上一次香港在此組別已是2008年。在12個國家的競逐中,香港於決賽以2-1擊敗菲律賓。


由香港首席球員張玲、胡可澄、張瑋桓及初次參加聯邦盃的吳筠柔組成的香港隊,由台維斯盃(Davis Cup) 球手金久義帶領,在亞洲/大洋洲第二組的A組賽事對戰馬來西亞及越南。香港在A組兩個循環賽中,不失一局以3-0擊敗馬來西亞和越南。香港在淘汰賽中面對D組首名出線的印度,張玲及17歲的張瑋桓於單打賽事中,以直落兩盤勝出,贏得兩分,可惜胡可澄及吳筠柔於雙打賽事中落敗,最後以2-1獲勝及躋身最後階段的比賽。
在最後決定晉升第一組隊伍的淘汰賽階段,香港迎戰B組冠軍,擊敗了C組冠軍土庫曼斯坦晉級的菲律賓。香港在單打賽中再以不失一局的姿態取得勝利,張瑋桓以6-4 6-1擊敗Anna Clarice Patrimonio,張玲則以6-1 6-4勝過Marian Jade Capadocia。胡可澄及吳筠柔雖於雙打賽中以6-7 3-6 不敵Patrimonio Capadocia,但最終香港以2-1奪得勝利。這場勝利已確保香港在第二組的首名席位及篤定晉級亞洲/大洋洲第一組,這亦是近六年來繼連續三年於晉級淘汰賽中落敗,首次躋身第一組。
Hong Kong 香港d. Vietnam越南 3-0 (in Pool A stage A組賽事)
Tiffany WU Ho Ching 胡可澄(HKG) d. TRAN Thi Tam Hao (VIE) 6-3 6-2
ZHANG Ling 張玲(HKG) d. HUYNH Phi Khanh (VIE) 6-0 6-0
ZHANG Ling張玲& Eudice CHONG張瑋桓 (HKG) d. PHAN Thi Thanh Binh & DAO Minh Trang (VIE) 6-0 6-0
Hong Kong香港 d. Malaysia 馬來西亞3-0 (in Pool A stage A組賽事)
Eudice CHONG張瑋桓(HKG) d. Aslina CHUA AN PING (MAS) 6-3 6-4
ZHANG Ling 張玲 (HKG) d. Alyssa BOEY (MAS) 6-0 6-0
NG Kwan Yau 吳筠柔 & Tiffany WU Ho Ching胡可澄(HKG) d. Yus Syazlin Nabila Binti YUSRI & Michelle Li Sha KHOO (VIE) 6-1 6-2
Hong Kong香港 d. India 印度 2-1 (in Promotional Play-Off晉級淘汰賽)
Eudice CHONG 張瑋桓 (HKG) d. Prarthana G. THOMBARE (IND) 6-2 6-1
ZHANG Ling張玲(HKG) d. Ankita RAINA (IND) 6-4 6-3
Ankita RAINA & Rishika SUNKARA (IND) d. NG Kwan Yau吳筠柔 & Tiffany WU Ho Ching胡可澄 (HKG) 6-2 6-1
Hong Kong 香港d. Philippines菲律賓 2-1 (in Promotional Play-Off晉級淘汰賽)
Eudice CHONG 張瑋桓 (HKG) d. Anna Clarice PATRIMONIO (PHL) 6-4 6-1
 ZHANG Ling張玲(HKG) d. Marian Jade CAPADOCIA (PHL) 6-1 6-4
Marian Jade CAPADOCIA & Anna Clarice PATRIMONIO (PHL) d. NG Kwan Yau吳筠柔 & Tiffany WU Ho Ching胡可澄 (HKG) 7-5 6-3
瀏覽聯邦盃 (Fed Cup) 網頁取得更多資料︰
關於聯邦盃 (Fed Cup)
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Monday, February 10, 2014
Hong Kong promoted to Fed Cup Asia/Oceania Zone Group I for 2015
By Hazel Yuen @ 3:24 PM :: 238 Views :: 0 Comments ::

(Hong Kong, February 10th, 2014) Hong Kong have achieved promotion into the Fed Cup Asia/Oceania Zone Group I in 2015 after a successful week that saw them go undefeated in 4 matches at the Group II competition which took place from February 4-8 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Hong Kong defeated the Phillippines 2-1 in the final play-off stage to finish atop the standings out of the 12 countries competing. Hong Kong were last in Asia/Oceania Zone Group I in 2008.


The Hong Kong team, consisting of Hong Kong No. 1 Zhang Ling, Tiffany Wu Ho Ching, Eudice Chong and Fed Cup debutante Ng Kwan Yau, captained by Hong Kong Davis Cup player Philip King and coached by Karan Rastogi were placed in Pool A of Asia/Oceania Zone Group II with Malaysia and Vietnam. Hong Kong stormed through their two round robin matches, crushing both Malaysia and Vietnam 3-0, without the loss of a single set to finish first in Pool A. In the play-off stage, they faced Pool D winners India, with Zhang Ling and 17 year old Eudice Chong securing the 2 points needed by winning their singles matches in straight sets, before Tiffany Wu Ho Ching and Ng Kwan Yau dropped the ‘dead’ doubles rubber, to record a 2-1 win and progress to the final stage of the competition.


In the final play off stage to determine the Group’s top team and who would be promoted to Group I, Hong Kong faced Pool B winner the Philippines, who had beaten Pool C winners Turkmenistan to advance. Once again Hong Kong secured victory in the singles stages without the loss of a set as Eudice Chong defeated Anna Clarice Patrimonio 6-4 6-1 and Zhang Ling downing Marian Jade Capadocia 6-1 6-4. Tiffany Wu Ho Ching and Ng Kwan Yau lost a tight doubles 2 setter 7-6 6-3 to Patrimonio & Capadocia to round out a 2-1 win. The win secured Hong Kong’s 1st place finish in the Group II standings and their promotion to Asia/Oceania Group I for the first time in 6 years, after three consecutive years of falling in the final promotional play-off tie.


Hong Kong’s Fed Cup Captain, Philip King commented “The team performed strongly all week, with all three of our singles players- Lynn, Eudice and Tiffany not dropping a single set in their matches. Lynn in particular was a grounding force in the team, not even dropping a game in her first 2 matches and Eudice, at only 17 years old put in a very impressive performance, winning all 4 of her matches. The entire team, including Yau Yau and our coach Karan did a great job pulling together and setting the right standards for the future and we’ve proved that Hong Kong tennis has the ability to defeat teams we’ve never beaten before. We are delighted with our promotion back into Asia/Oceania Group I after six years in Group II, especially after getting so close to promotion in the last few years, and look forward to the challenge Group I will bring, as the competition is much tougher at that level. Hong Kong has a young and talented team that can only improve so the future looks bright for 2015 and beyond. My hope is that the confidence of beating countries like India full of higher ranked WTA professional players will also carry through to our individual players’ careers.


Hong Kong’s results in full:

Hong Kong d. Vietnam 3-0 (in Pool A stage)

Tiffany WU Ho Ching (HKG) d. TRAN Thi Tam Hao (VIE) 6-3 6-2

ZHANG Ling (HKG) d. HUYNH Phi Khanh (VIE) 6-0 6-0

ZHANG Ling & Eudice CHONG (HKG) d. PHAN Thi Thanh Binh & DAO Minh Trang (VIE) 6-0 6-0


Hong Kong d. Malaysia 3-0 (in Pool A stage)

Eudice CHONG (HKG) d. Aslina CHUA AN PING (MAS) 6-3 6-4

ZHANG Ling (HKG) d. Alyssa BOEY (MAS) 6-0 6-0

NG Kwan Yau & Tiffany WU Ho Ching (HKG) d. Yus Syazlin Nabila Binti YUSRI & Michelle Li Sha KHOO (VIE) 6-1 6-2


Hong Kong d. India 2-1 (in Promotional Play-Off)

Eudice CHONG (HKG) d. Prarthana G. THOMBARE (IND) 6-2 6-1

ZHANG Ling (HKG) d. Ankita RAINA (IND) 6-4 6-3

Ankita RAINA & Rishika SUNKARA (IND) d. NG Kwan Yau & Tiffany WU Ho Ching (HKG) 6-2 6-1


Hong Kong d. Philippines 2-1 (in Promotional Play-Off)

Eudice CHONG (HKG) d. Anna Clarice PATRIMONIO (PHL) 6-4 6-1

 ZHANG Ling (HKG) d. Marian Jade CAPADOCIA (PHL) 6-1 6-4

Marian Jade CAPADOCIA & Anna Clarice PATRIMONIO(PHL) d.NG Kwan Yau & Tiffany WU Ho Ching (HKG) 7-5 6-3


For further results and information, visit the Fed Cup website at:

About Fed Cup

Fed Cup by BNP Paribas was launched in 1963 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). It’s now the world’s largest annual international team competition in women’s sport, with 97 nations entering in 2013.

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Press Release

Friday, January 24, 2014
愛創意-2014香港網球公開賽標誌設計比賽: 誠邀各界人士發揮創意
By Hazel Yuen @ 11:17 AM :: 629 Views :: 0 Comments ::

賽事總監杜克迪(Stephen Duckitt表示,2014香港網球公開賽將成為全港聚焦的盛事,而標誌設計比賽則是令本港各界人士為比賽、甚至全港創造出一個令人感到驕傲的標誌。
Youtube官方頻道:Hong Kong Tennis Open
Friday, January 24, 2014
LOVE-CREATIVITY: Hong Kong Tennis Open Calls on Public to Design Tournament Logo
By Hazel Yuen @ 10:58 AM :: 315 Views :: 0 Comments ::

After a span of more than 20 years, Hong Kong will see the return of world-class WTA International level tennis this September and tournament organizers today launched the “Hong Kong Tennis Open 2014 Logo Design Competition” encouraging the Hong Kong community to help design the tournament logo.


The Hong Kong Tennis Open, a lifestyle meets sport event will be a major attraction that will fuse glamour, style and athleticism as some of the best WTA players vie for the Hong Kong Tennis Open crown and USD250,000 in prize money at Victoria Park this September 8-14.


The winning design will become the official logo for the event and entries to the competition should be submitted from now till 20 February. Entries will be assessed according to creativeness, attractiveness, reflectiveness of Hong Kong, relevancy in terms of message communicated, and the design’s flexibility for adaption to a variety of uses. Prize money for the winning design is HK$20,000.


This is a great opportunity for Hong Kong’s creative industries to showcase their talents, with all members of the public encouraged to submit including individuals, tertiary design students, design agencies or creative groups.


“The Hong Kong Tennis Open will be a tournament that offers something for all of Hong Kong and the launch of the logo design competition is a great initiative that will allow the both the public and the creative community to produce a logo that is reflective of our event themes and will be something that all of Hong Kong can be proud of” said Stephen Duckitt, Tournament Director, Hong Kong Tennis Open.


For more details regarding the Logo Design Competition, interested parties are encouraged to contact Strategic Management Group (SMG), the secretariat of the competition at


- Ends -

This press release is sent by Strategic Management Group. For media enquiries, please contact:


Strategic Management Group

Mr. Edgar Ling / Ms. Elsie Sit



Details of the “Hong Kong Tennis Open 2014 Logo Design Competition"

[Application Form]   [Design Brief (English)]   [Design Brief (Chinese)] 


About the Hong Kong Tennis Open

The Hong Kong Tennis Open is a WTA-sanctioned International event owned by the Hong Kong Tennis Association. The tournament will see some of the world's best female players compete for USD250,000 prize money at Victoria Park Tennis Stadium from September 8 - 14, 2014.


Tournament Website                            

Facebook Page:                                             hongkongtennisopen

Youtube Official Channel:                               Hong Kong Tennis Open

Twitter:                                                             @HKtennisopen

Instagram:                                                        @hongkongtennisopen

Thursday, November 21, 2013
By Hazel Yuen @ 10:47 AM :: 586 Views :: 0 Comments ::



[香港特別行政區 20131120]  香港網球總會正式宣佈將於明年2014年舉行香港網球公開賽,對香港網球球迷來說這夜是一個值得慶祝的晚上。
新一屆的香港網球公開賽以「愛」為主題,大會於遮打大廈內的Armani Aqua舉行盛大的派對,出席的人士包括:香港特別行政區政府代表、商界領袖,媒體代表和香港首席網球球員
賽事總監Mr. Stephen Duckitt表示:「香港網球公開賽將為球員、球迷、傳媒及社會提供一個世界級的體育盛事。我們不單希望是次賽事成為香港的體育盛事,同時亦為賽事注入其他生活元素,務求令賽事惠及整個香港,令維多利亞公園成為一個流連忘返的好去處。」
Thursday, November 21, 2013
By Hazel Yuen @ 10:23 AM :: 445 Views :: 0 Comments ::

Hong Kong Tennis Open Unveiled in Style at Love-All Launch Party


[Wednesday 20 November 2013, Hong Kong] – Tennis fans in Hong Kong had cause for celebration this evening as a new professional level international tournament for 2014 was unveiled in true Hong Kong style.

Blending style, glamour and athleticism, the Hong Kong Tennis Open was officially launched at the aptly named ‘Love-All’ party at the exclusive Armani Aqua in Chater House amongst Hong Kong Tennis Association representatives, government officials, business leaders, media and Hong Kong’s top-ranked player.

The week long WTA tournament, which is set to debut on 8 September next year, will see the arrival of some of the world’s best female players in the SAR, as they compete for honours in the US$250,000 prize money tournament which will be staged at Victoria Park in the heart of the city.

Speaking ahead of the launch, 2013 Wimbledon and WTA Championships Doubles Champion and World No. 43, Peng Shuai from China said, “This is very exciting news for tennis fans and everyone involved in sport in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. Hong Kong hasn’t staged an international tour tennis event for a number of years - it will be a fantastic sporting spectacle and a great occasion for everyone.”

Hong Kong’s top ranked female player Zhang Ling added, “To have the opportunity to compete against your peers in an internationally sanctioned tournament in your home city is a dream come true for me. The tournament will certainly be one of the highlights for the year and a key focus in my preparation for 2014.”

Commenting on a new era for the sport in Hong Kong, Mr. Michael Cheng, Hong Kong Tennis Open Steering Committee Chairman & Hon Secretary, Hong Kong Tennis Association, "HKTA is working proactively to ensure that tennis is again one of the strongest and most popular sports in Hong Kong. The hosting of a new WTA tournament and the return of elite professional tennis will have a positive impact at all levels of the sport and in the community. It will serve as an inspiration to young players looking to represent Hong Kong at the elite level and increase the popularity of tennis.

“We understand from the Government that they will continue to assist the Hong Kong Tennis Association in hosting the new Hong Kong Tennis Open from 2014 onwards which will be an exciting new addition to Hong Kong's sporting events calendar,” continued Cheng.

In addition to making its mark on the city’s sporting landscape, the tournament is also set to be a hit with shoppers and fashion aficionados as organisers look to capitalise on the city’s reputation as one of Asia’s leading lifestyle destinations.

Stephen Duckitt, Tournament Director said, “The Hong Kong Tennis Open will first and foremost be a world class elite tennis event for players, fans, media and the community. But we also want to ensure that the tournament is for everyone in Hong Kong.

“We will look to fuse various elements of Hong Kong lifestyle into the event to ensure that the appeal extends beyond the tennis community, benefits the whole of Hong Kong and makes Victoria Park the must-be destination in September next year. 

Press Release

Monday, October 07, 2013
香港網球隊代表葉澄 和張瑋桓 在東方表行香港公開青少年網球錦標賽2013 勇奪女子雙打亞軍
By Hazel Yuen @ 9:18 AM :: 290 Views :: 0 Comments ::

曹思齊榮獲女子單打及雙打冠軍, Arturs Lazdins就獲得男子單打冠軍

(香港,2013107)在上週六(2013105)假維園網球場舉行的東方表行香港公開青少年網球錦標賽2013 ITF G3的女子雙打總決賽中,香港青少年新星葉澄和張瑋桓經過三局與曹思齊和張莹的苦戰,最終敗於對手,獲得亞軍。中國的3號種子曹思齊和張莹首先取得第一局7-65),及後香港代表以6-3取得第二局,但可惜未能乘勝追擊,最終以10-7 敗給對手。張瑋桓在此項活動中衛冕失敗,上屆她與隊友王恩取得此項活動的冠軍。
七號種子中國的曹思齊在女子單打總決賽中迎戰同是來自中國的八號種子葉秋語,以6-2 6-3奪得冠軍。而男子組方面,非種子球手來自拉脫維亞的Arturs Lazdins在男子單打總決賽以6-4 3-6 6-4擊敗來自韓國的五號種子Oh Chan Yeong。男子雙打冠軍就由來自台灣的球手爭奪,最終由三號種子林維德和楊紹琦以5-7 6-4 10-4擊敗同是來自台灣的二號種子球手李冠毅和林亮羽。
16歲的Claire Spackman獲得香港代表隊在個人項目的最好成績,在女子單打四強中,Claire 擊敗隊友張瑋桓,可惜在半準決賽中以2-6 6-2 6-0不敵中國的葉秋語。而男子組的個人項目的最好成績由16歲的李熹研奪得,他在男子單打四強中以6-1 6-1敗給六號種子Alberto Lim。香港代表隊總共派出12名球手參加此次錦標賽,其中九名球手,當中包括男子和女子組,最少均能在單打項目中進入第二輪賽事。
東方表行香港公開青少年網球錦標賽是香港首屈一指的國際青少年網球賽,今年很高興有來自13個國家的頂級球手參與。此賽事更由往年的ITF G3升到今年的ITF G4級別。
東方表行香港公開青少年網球錦標賽2013 (G3)
Arturs Lazdins (LAT) d. (5) Oh Chan Yeong (KOR) 6-4 3-6 6-4
(7) Cao Siqi (CHN) d. (8) Ye Qiu Yu (CHN) 6-2 6-3.
 (3) Lin Wei De (TPE) & Yang Shao Chi (TPE) d. (2) Lee Kwan Yi (TPE) & Richard Lin Liang Lu (TPE)
5-7 6-4 10-6
 (3) Cao Siqi (CHN) & Zhang Ying (CHN) d. (2) Katherine Ip (HKG) & Eudice Chong (HKG) 7-6(5) 3-6 10-7
ITF青少年巡迴賽成立於1977年,由國際網球聯會主辦。ITF青年巡迴賽是為18歲以下球員而設的頂級的國際青少年網球比賽。2012年,在120個國家舉辦了398場賽事。跟ATPWTA 巡迴賽一樣,球手可從ITF青少年巡迴賽中取得排名和競逐年終世界冠軍,過往的冠軍,包括Roger FedererAndy RoddickMartina Hingis


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